Gaining Visibility in a Hybrid Workplace: Why It Matters and How to Achieve It

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I have the enormous pleasure of delivering monthly Career Labs for our client UNDP.  Last month, the subject of the Career Lab was ‘How to Gain Visibility in a Hybrid Workplace.’ It’s so important and relevant to working life today that I thought I’d make it the subject of my latest blog post.

In today’s evolving corporate landscape, the hybrid workplace model is gaining prominence, offering flexibility and improved work-life balance for employees. Yet, this model also comes with its unique challenges. One such challenge is maintaining visibility. With many workers choosing to operate remotely, there’s a genuine concern about becoming “out of sight, out of mind.” So, how can you ensure your contributions don’t go unnoticed?

The Importance of Visibility in a Hybrid Workplace

1. Recognition

The more visible you are, the more likely your achievements, skills, and contributions are to be recognised. This isn’t about taking credit for others’ work but about making sure you’re not a “hidden figure.” Recognition can often lead to more opportunities for advancement.

2. Opportunities

Higher visibility often equates to more opportunities for involvement in high-profile projects or strategic initiatives. Being known for your work quality and commitment could make you the first person in mind when management is seeking individuals for a new project or promotion.

3. Networking

Higher visibility can lead to broader networking opportunities both within and outside your organisation. This can open doors to future opportunities, collaborations, and partnerships.

4. Trust and Responsibility

Visibility can lead to increased trust from management and colleagues. As you build your reputation, you may find yourself being entrusted with more responsibility, which can further your career growth.

5. Professional Development

When you’re more visible, you’re more likely to receive feedback—both positive and constructive—from others. This can give you valuable insights into areas where you can improve, fostering your professional growth.

6. Influence

The more visible you are, the more influence you can have in your organisation. This can give you the power to drive change and make a significant impact on your organisation’s direction and success.

Strategies to Boost Visibility in a Hybrid Workplace

1. Consistently Deliver High-Quality Work

The value of your work will speak volumes, whether you’re in the office or working remotely. Ensure that your output is consistently high-quality, timely, and meets or exceeds expectations. This not only enhances your reputation but also demonstrates your reliability and commitment, which can lead to more responsibilities and opportunities.

2. Amplify Your Digital Presence

In a hybrid workplace, your digital presence is your most significant asset. Actively participate in virtual meetings, share your ideas, and make insightful contributions to discussions. Use collaborative platforms to share your work and progress with your team. Leverage professional networking sites such as LinkedIn to highlight your achievements and engage with your industry community.

3. Communicate Proactively

Communication is vital in maintaining visibility. Regularly update your team and superiors about your projects, progress, and any challenges you’re facing. Don’t just wait for meetings to share updates; use emails, instant messaging platforms, or project management tools to keep everyone in the loop.

4. Take Initiative

Visibility often comes from taking initiative. Don’t be afraid to propose new ideas or volunteer for tasks and projects that align with your career goals. This shows your willingness to contribute more and signals your ambition and capabilities to your managers and colleagues.

5. Carve Out a Personal Brand

Your personal brand is your professional reputation. It is what people think of when they hear your name. A strong personal brand will make you more memorable and can differentiate you from your colleagues. To build your brand, focus on your unique strengths and skills, and ensure you consistently demonstrate these in your work.

6. Cultivate Strong Relationships

Building robust professional relationships can significantly enhance your visibility. Actively network within your organization, not just with your immediate team. Make a point to meet new people, whether it’s through virtual networking events or informal online coffee chats. Additionally, mentorship is a valuable tool for growth and visibility. Seek a mentor or offer to mentor someone else; both can enhance your visibility within the organization.

7. Actively Seek Feedback

Always seek feedback on your work, and use it to improve and grow professionally. This illustrates your dedication to excellence and continuous learning. It also provides a regular opportunity for interaction with superiors and colleagues, enhancing your visibility.

In summary, while the hybrid workspace offers numerous advantages, it demands a recalibration of strategies to maintain visibility. By embracing the approaches highlighted above, you can ensure that you remain a pivotal figure, irrespective of your physical location. Remember, it’s not just about being seen, but about making impactful contributions that are acknowledged and appreciated.

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