Leadership Empowerment and the 21st Century Workforce

leadership empowerment

Antoinette Oglethorpe talks to Clodagh O’Reilly of IBM about Empowerment as a Leadership Strategy

In this episode of the Talent Development Mastery Podcast, I talk to Clodagh O’Reilly, Workforce Science & Analytics Practice Leader, EMEA Smarter Workforce, IBM about Leadership Empowerment.

Clodagh has applied psychology at work to measure, predict and enable peak performance for well over a decade.  She is committed to leadership empowerment and empowering individuals at work to create and sustain commercial success.

Leadership Empowerment in the Workplace

Empowerment is a word we use often in business and a goal that a number of organisations and leaders aspire to.  But why is leadership empowerment important?  And how can it be used as a strategy?

Clodagh’s experience is that:

When faced with complexity and ambiguity, leaders traditionally respond by providing structures and rules to offer their workforce comfort. But when ambiguity and volatility abound as well, this strategy can become a limiter rather than an enabler of performance. In fact, giving up control may be the best way forward.

In this interview, Clodagh shares her insights on leadership in a world where the very nature of power and leadership are being challenged radically, but necessarily.

Listen and learn more about:

  • The drivers of change in organisational design
  • How to govern when there are no rules
  • What trust means for leaders today

Clodagh has worked across numerous sectors, including banking and financial services, healthcare, entertainment and engineering, with both national and international organisations.  You can contact her at clodagh.oreilly@uk.ibm.com

Clodagh is also on the Advisory Board of Engage Employee.  Find out more at  www.engageemployee.com

We hope you enjoy the podcast.  If you have any questions or comments, Clodagh and I would love to hear them.  Please share any questions or thoughts in the comments box below.

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