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agile leadership development

How to Develop an Agile Approach to Leadership Development

Agile leadership development in the workplace. What is it? And how could it help you? Do you have tasks on your to-do list that never quite get done? Are you stuck in a cycle of short-term thinking that never lets you see beyond the end of the week? Or even, when things really heat up,

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good executive coaching

How to Get the Most from Executive Coaching

Let’s face it good executive coaching is not cheap. But it can be invaluable. Investing a few hours and a few thousand pounds can deliver significant increases in productivity and returns of hundreds of thousands of pounds.  As long as the leader in question takes full advantage of the opportunity and makes the most of their

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what's the alternative to 360 degree feedback

What’s the alternative to 360 degree feedback?

I’ve had some interesting responses to my blog posts about 360-degree feedback and The Leadership Versatility Index. Here I’ll look at what’s the alternative to 360-degree feedback? And the comments I have received echo the responses I often get from clients. They go something like this: “I love the look of The Leadership Versatility Index and I

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360 degree feedback mistakes

360 Degree Feedback Mistakes – Are you making them?

How many people do you know have received 360-degree feedback and then made a sustained change in their behaviour?  I’d hazard a guess that you would struggle to name more than one or two. And that’s because organisations often pay a great deal of attention to implementing the process with inadequate attention being paid to how

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How Does Talent Coaching Solve the Organisation vs Individual Dilemma?

How Does Talent Coaching Solve the Organisation vs Individual Dilemma?

One of the things that increasingly frustrates me is how development professionals have come to make a distinction between coaching someone to develop their leadership skills and coaching someone to manage their career. Typically, we use the term Leadership Coaching to describe a deliberate and personalised process to promote the leadership growth of an individual and

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how to influence others

How to Influence Others Even if You Don’t Know Them Well

This post was originally published in the Newsletter for CIPD Management Toolclicks.  You can read the original article here. One of the key challenges of being a manager and a leader is that you have to develop a much more sophisticated set of communication skills.  Leadership is all about making things happen through others and that

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4 bosses overcome resistance to change with a game of tug of war

3 Ways to Overcome Resistance to Change by Employees

Resistance to change is a natural phenomenon.  At an individual level, change can create a mixed range of emotional response. A Global Survey by McKinsey in 2006 (Organising for Successful Change Management), shows that where change had not been successful, the dominant emotions were anxiety, frustration and confusion. While those emotions were not necessarily absent

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Work colleagues whispering to each other

Case Study: Creating a Coaching Culture by Stealth

In my last blog post “Case Study:  How a Coaching Style of Leadership Can Help Employees Take Ownership & Responsibility”,  I described a Solutions Focus (SF) Coaching for Leaders Programme I am delivering that is helping employees take ownership and responsibility.  The case study featured in a presentation at the Coaching and at Work Conference: 

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