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Trust Matters – Why is it so important in the workplace? woman wityh mug saying worlds best boss

Trust Matters – Why is it so important in the workplace?

We are very privileged to support the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with their Virtual Career Lab (VCL) series.  The VCLs are more than webinars.  They provide exercises, tools and guidance on a range of career development topics. A few weeks ago, I delivered one on the subject of “Trust Matters” so I thought I’d

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top 20 blogs of 2020. The words "Top 20" written in black paint on a colorful watercolor washed background.

Top 20 blogs of 2020 – inspiration in a challenging year

It feels like we are already deep into 2021, but we always enjoy looking back and reviewing the popular blogs of previous years. Although for many 2020 might not be a year we look back on with fondness, it certainly was a catalyst for rapid change, as businesses and individuals re-evaluated what was important. This

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Organisations mentoring programme - black male mentor advising red haired female employee

A Year in the Life of an Organisation’s Mentoring Programme

I have spent many years working in-house managing a changing environment for people at work.  Working with some amazing people and organisations, I have seen some terrific changes in work cultures and skills development.  Having joined Antoinette Oglethorpe Ltd, an organisation I trust and admire, I can continue to help other organisations to benefit from

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Ian Brodie and Antoinette Oglthorpe on Creating effective online courses

Interview with Ian Brodie on creating effective online courses

I was recently interviewed by Ian Brodie. In this interview we discuss creating effective online courses. We answer the questions “how do you make your online courses more effective?” And how do you make sure people get results from them?” One of the things that’s been the most apparent since we’ve gone into lockdown is

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Business man drawing colourful ideas onto the sky

How to Craft Compelling Career Stories

In my last blog post, I talked about the power of storytelling in mentoring and career conversations. So, today I thought I’d share some thoughts on how to craft compelling career stories. Some people are great natural storytellers. They mentally recall their experiences and have no trouble relaying them as interesting stories. For the rest

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Antoinette Oglethorpe wins Business Woman of the Year award at the SME MK Business Awards 2020

Winner of the Best Coach Award 2019

The Best Business Women Awards have announced their winners for 2019. I am thrilled to say I won Best Coach! The Best Business Women Awards seek to find the very best female business talent from across the UK. The business world is full of talented and dedicated female entrepreneurs. The Best Business Women Awards are

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Mindset Belief Discipline Experience Knowledge Concept

The Importance of Growth Mind-set for Career Development

Adaptability has always played a key role in workplace success. But it seems like now more than ever, our careers require us to be constantly evolving. The pace of change is accelerating.  To succeed in any industry, and to be ready to take part in the next evolution of it, professionals must grow and develop. 

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