Interview with Ian Brodie on creating effective online courses

I was recently interviewed by Ian Brodie. In this interview we discuss creating effective online courses. We answer the questions “how do you make your online courses more effective?” And how do you make sure people get results from them?”

One of the things that’s been the most apparent since we’ve gone into lockdown is the switch many people have made from doing live training, live consulting and live coaching to delivering more and more online. Including creating online courses. That’s going to continue beyond lockdown because it gives people the opportunity to earn without investing so much of their time travelling.

Ian shares his thought on what most people have been focusing on when it comes to creating online courses. He believes they either focus on the basics of how do we make them? And what technology can we use? Or how do we sell them? How do we market them? How do we get people to buy them? And he believes there’s been very little focus from the people who’ve switched to them, on how do we actually create effective online courses. How do we make sure people actually learn from them? And how can people get and sustain from them?

That’s what I spoke to Ian about. We talked about the different types of online courses, how to transition from live delivery to online blended learning. And most importantly how to create effective online courses that are successful in delivering engagement, results and sustained behavioural change.

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