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Antoinette Oglethorpe talks to the Association of Coaching Supervisors about Coaching to Develop Talent and the Implications for Supervision

On Monday 9th March 2015, I had the pleasure of taking part In this practical and interactive session about coaching to develop talent. The tele-forum was hosted by Jacqui Hazell for the Association of Coaching Supervisors.  Thanks also to Peter Welch for the invitation.

We had a very interesting discussion and exchange of ideas around the role of coaching to develop talent within organisations.  We then went on to explore what that means for supervision.

Points of discussion included:

  • Why Talent Management often doesn’t work
  • The dangers of  talent management with focus only on the organisation and not employees
  • The coaching strategies that can help you make the connection between a top-down approach to talent management and a bottom-up approach to career development
  • How to build a business case for coaching to develop talent
  • The implications for supervision

The Association of Coaching Supervisors is a not-for-profit association dedicated to promoting the understanding and use of coaching supervision among coaches, mentors and organisations.

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2 thoughts on “Coaching to Develop Talent and Implications for Supervision | Podcast”

  1. Antoinette, thank you for this great podcast. I’m sad that organisations haven’t (yet) learned how important it is to understand their employees’ aspirations, rather than making assumptions. Coming from a human-centred design background, that really feels like such common sense to me. I found your three-pronged approach to be a good succinct way to articulate how coaching can help, especially in the succession planning arena – aspiration, development and transition. And towards the end there, I really got a sense that you and the group were exploring right at the edge of our knowledge about supervision. It has challenged my thinking about the service we offer to managers of people – is coaching what they need, or is it supervision on their leadership skills? Food-for-thought.

  2. Antoinette Oglethorpe

    Thanks Clare. I think that final question you pose is very astute. Definitely, food for thought and maybe the subject for a future podcast…

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