The Power of Transition Coaching to Facilitate Change

transition coaching

Antoinette Oglethorpe talks to Clare Norman about her experience in Accenture of using Transition Coaching to facilitate organisational change

In this episode of the Talent Development Mastery podcast, I’m talking to Clare Norman about Transition Coaching. We discuss the powerful role it can play in facilitating organisational change.

Clare has worked in learning and development roles in NatWest and Accenture and most recently headed up development for leaders of all levels at Accenture. She has 13 years of coaching experience and was instrumental in setting up and nurturing the Coaching Network. The Coaching Network is a group of 650+ people who wanted to build their coaching skills for the benefit of the business.

How to Facilitate Organisational Change

In this interview, Clare talks about the challenges of facilitating organisational change and the critical role of supporting people through that process.  Listen to the podcast to learn:

  • How to unlock human potential to deliver business results
  • The relationship – and differences – between change and transition
  • How coaching can help people make effective transitions and thereby facilitate organisational change

Clare Norman | Accenture

Clare has won awards from Brandon Hall, and the Management Innovation Xchange for her ground-breaking behaviour change programmes. These include the Individualised Leadership Programme, the 30 Day Challenge, and Employee Experience,

She is a prolific blogger, has written magazine articles on action learning, and a book called Being a Sunbeam.  You can find out more about Clare through her Linked In profile or her blog 

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2 thoughts on “The Power of Transition Coaching to Facilitate Change”

  1. Thanks Clare for sharing valuable perspectives on Career Transitions. I am following your blogs for some time since you were in Accenture and your writings have immensely impacted me when I was in a cross road situation, helped me to question myself as to where I am going and helped me to take a decision.

    I am currently going through a career transition and found this extremely useful. Keep sharing your wisdom and knowledge.


    1. Antoinette Oglethorpe

      Hi Sudha,

      Thank you for your comment. I’m so pleased you enjoyed my interview with Clare. Please share it with anyone else who you think may find it valuable.

      Best wishes

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